Is Bush's rep ready to make an astonishing rebound?

A trampoline is for rebounding. An NBA center is for rebounding.

But history?

Apparently so.

You remember George W. Bush, even if you’ve tried hard to forget him.

When he left the White House, the populace — even many Republicans — was shaking its collective head in derision.

Bush was viewed as one of the worst presidents in history, down there with fellow bottom feeders Filmore, Pierce, Buchanan and Harding.

Well, history apparently doesn’t last forever and things change. Next we’ll find out that Washington lied his butt off, Lincoln was secretly rooting for the South, Grant was a sober genius, the buck didn’t stop with Truman, Eisenhower wasn’t bald, Kennedy was up to his wavy locks in fidelity and Nixon never was tricky.

Now comes the incredible speculation that George W.’s reputation is ready for a rebound.

Talk about a tale that’s improbable at its very roots.

And totally unbridled from reality.