Actually, everybody was a loser in this election

I don’t know about you, but I’m relieved that the 2010 election ends today.

Because it’s been a spin cycle that makes one more nauseous than eating fried varmint with chocolate marshmallow ice cream.

In the media-soaked political culture, practicing politics is dirtier than filming a porn video.

The attack ads are a train wreck, simplistic and distorted. Bombast, hollow promises, deception and triviality color the landscape like autumn leaves. Intellectual debate, civil discourse and proper decorum are as defunct as the Whig Party.

Brace yourselves! Moments after the last election results trickle in late tonight, the 2012 campaign commences.

Gag us all with a spoon. Our founding fathers must be rolling over in their graves, wondering why they bailed on King George.

Come to think about it, that whole ruckus was all about tea, too. Ashes to ashes, tea party to tea party. Some things never change, except for some strange reason Ben Franklin didn’t invent the Internet in 1776.