What if Obama did bankrupt the treasury on his trip to India? You can't court a partner by going to McDonald's

Contrary to popular opinion, President Obama’s trip to India has not cost $72 billion and he did not make the journey simply because the White House desktops and laptops needed Indian IT support.

And he did not flee to India to escape the wrath of the Tea Party. They also drink tea in India, having been a British colony until Gandhi lost his only shirt in the wash.

Obama went to India because America needs a friend.

Yep, we’re fresh out of global partners. We can’t trust the Chinese and the Russians because once a communist, always a communist. Europe is more impoverished than we are. Since India and the U.S. are the world’s richest and largest democracies, you don’t have to go on eharmony.com to mate these two.

Of course, all relationships can be rocky. Nobody in America works anymore because all our jobs have been outsourced to India. And look where that’s gotten the Dallas Cowboys this season.

On the other hand, Indians get cross with us when we tell them that curry smells like a sewer and when we push them to cut a deal with Pakistan over Kashmir. As we all know, India and Pakistan are bigger rivals than the Red Sox and the Yankees despite the lack of ESPN coverage.

Speaking of baseball, Obama hit a grand slam today with the Indians, even though cricket gets them chirping. He backed India for a permanent seat on the U.N. Security Council, a dramatic diplomatic gesture to his hosts in a speech to India’s parliament on the third and final day of his visit.

In doing so, he fulfilled what was perhaps India’s dearest wish for Obama’s trip here. India has been pushing for permanent Security Council membership for years.

Just don’t tell the Indians that the Security Council has all the clout of a rubber hammer.