The retention of Nancy Pelosi as the face of House Democratic leadership is not the worst decision since Adam and Eve bit into the apple

You would think House Democrats would have hired David Copperfield to make Nancy Pelosi disappear after they lost a whopping 60 seats in the Nov. 2 bloodbath election.
Think again, my friends. House Democrats elected Pelosi to remain as their leader today. The nation’s first female House speaker, Pelosi will become minority leader when Republicans assume the majority in the new Congress in January.
OK, why? Did House Democrats contract a permanent death wish after they got killed in the midterm elections? Are they more insane than Charles Manson? Or more stupid than Christine O’Donnell?
Actually, none of the above.
There are several reasons why what House Democrats did today wasn’t dumb and dumber.
For starters, sticking up for Pelosi’s decision to defy tradition and not step down after a loss of power, is a shot at President Obama. Pelosi and the Democrats left standing in the rubble refuse to take the fall for the election disaster. Pin it on the prez is the new party line.
Plus every Democrat with an influential position, a decent committee assignment, reasonable office space or an extra staff member has the speaker’s good graces to thank for it. Pelosi wields power in the House like Leonard Bernstein used to wield the baton in Carnegie Hall. Pelosi is not bashful about using reward and punishment as incentives to keep people in line.
Then there’s the bottom line. Democrats are $20 million in debt and won’t be getting a big check from Rupert Murdoch anytime soon. Pelosi, despite her warts, is a real Cinderella when it comes to raising money, courting well-heeled liberal donors, rallying the base and devising legislative strategy.
And even though the Democrats got trounced worse than the Redskins did Monday night against Michael Vick and the Eagles, many House Democrats view the last two years as a permanent gain for progressive values, particularly when it comes to the health care law that ensures nearly every American will be insured. They believe it would discredit these achievements to humiliate the House leader most responsible for these gains.
Hence, like spinach clinging to an incisor, we’re all stuck with Nancy Pelosi.