Sky's the limit for anger erupting over TSA's invasive airport security measures

We all realize there are terrorists who live to blow up planes so they can die and hang out with virgins forever. Whether or not virgins make the best company for souls in eternity is a debate best left to the theologians.
But I digress.
The point is nobody questions the necessity for reasonable airport security.
But come on, man. The Transportation Security Administration is taking it to extremes. Having to take your shoes off was bad enough, especially if you double-knot the laces and have socks with holes in them. Not to mention feet smelly enough to make a skunk faint.
But now the TSA has installed scanners that produce digital images of the body’s contours and added a more intrusive style of pat-down recently for those who opt out of the full-body scans.
Having your innards on display and your crotch groped, well, it’s worse than no in-flight movie or snack.
Who the hell wants to fly anymore? It’s less of of a hassle to take a covered wagon to travel to grandma’s in Des Moines for Thanksgiving. But you had better leave yesterday to make it in time for turkey dinner.
Some travelers are mad as hell and using the Internet to organize protests aimed at the busy Thanksgiving travel days.
Even pilots are suing over their treatment by government screeners.
Republican Rep. John Mica of Florida, calling TSA a bloated bureaucracy, is urging airports to ditch TSA and opt for screeners from the private sector.
The Wright Brothers must be doing barrel rolls in their cockpit.
And maybe the Republicans are right about Big Government after all.