This time the Eagles didn't have Caruso but they're singing in first place after tumbling past the Giants

Well, the Eagles now are all alone atop the NFC East after Sunday night’s surreal, strange, corpuscle-popping 27-17 win over the Giants at the Linc.
It had been forever or maybe longer since the Birds had such a crazy win.
The Eagles dominated the first half from here to Manayunk but still were sloppier than a truck stop waitress. They left a ton of points squandered in the red zone and you just knew it would come back to haunt them.
And that it did as the Giants bounced back for a 17-16 lead, which left fans in the Linc yelping like bacon grease splattering on a hot stove.
Turnovers kept knocking both teams on their trousers as precise execution on both sides disappeared. We’re still looking for clues. Nobody had seen so many juggling acts since the Ed Sullivan Show went off the air decades ago.
Michael Vick hardly had the same masterpiece he had against the Redskins the previous Monday night. Some drops in the end zone set Philly eyeballs aglaze, brain boxes whirring.
This night Shady McCoy had THE moment of splendor, taking a pitch from Vick and zipping 50 yards for the touchdown that ventilated the opposition.
Enough said. Off to bed.