Perhaps our legislators and judges can donate their raises to impoverished Reading

This time of year shafts of the early sun slant through our windshields and cast shadows of gold across our faces on our morning commute to work.

Not that many of us see a pot of gold at the end of our payday. With the economy being what it is, the only raise a lot folks get is when they sit on an air hose.
Of course, then there are Pennsylvania’s legislators and judges. Those lucky blokes are getting a cost-of-living pay raise of 1.7 percent, thanks to a 1995 law that made such adjustments automatic.
What a sweet gig. They can collect their raises without having to vote on them. Imagine that. That way they escape accountability and can feign grumping and glowering every step of the way to the bank.
Is it just me or do you think our officials are doing a lawn job on us?
Speaking of lawn jobs, how about the people who live or work in Reading. They’re getting mowed under by killer economics even though there hardly is a patch of grass in town anymore.
Not that I blame City Council for raising the property tax by 20 percent, increasing the earned-income tax paid by city residents to 2.1 percent, and adopting a new commuter tax of 0.3 percent on out-of-towners who work in town.
The city needs money desperately or soon tumbleweed will be blowing all over a ghost town.
There’s nothing ignoble about being broke. But it sure does blow.