Harold Leifer kept breathing life into downtown Reading until his final breath

Generations of people who dined and drank at Jimmie Kramer’s Peanut Bar & Restaurant should be raining tears into their beer.

We have lost a gentle giant.

Harold Leifer has passed from our midst at the age of 86.

Not only did Leifer and his family build The Peanut Bar into an iconic establishment, but the man himself became an icon.

He was a mass of energy, charm and graciousness. Someone lit the pilot on the blue flame of his work ethic at an early age and it never went out.

By all metrics of measure, he was the consummate businessman and family man.

But he also was a tireless ambassador for downtown Reading.

Our town, as you know, has stood smack on the edge of failure for sometime. But it has yet to fall into the abyss because Harold Leifer always was there to yank it back. He was an extraordinary advocate for downtown.

Now the torch has been passed to Michael, his son and best friend.

Thank God for all of us that the acorn in this case didn’t fall too far from the tree.