Telling people in Reading not to squeeze the trigger is like telling tigers not to snarl

Bang the drum slowly. Muffle the cymbals. Kill the laugh track.

It’s raining bullets in Reading. And nobody is singing in the hailstorm of hot lead.

Bullets keep killing people in our city. Happened twice Wednesday. The day before Thanksgiving. Cops look for clues. People, fear oozing from every pore, clam up tighter than misers.

And the vicious cycle keeps spinning and spitting out corpses.

A Reading man was shot and killed late Wednesday outside his West Douglass Street home by a man who had come to his front door about 11 p.m. Eric Bastien, 47, was shot during what investigators said was the second homicide in the city Wednesday. Jason Rodriguez, a 19-year-old Reading High School student, was fatally shot Wednesday afternoon — two days before he was to get married — on Spring Street while he was walking home from school.Life is cheap on our city streets. People die young. People die senselessly and violently. People who never again will they see a sky full of stars, moonlight on the water, the tips of a royal flush peaking out as they fan out a poker hand, the miracle of children, the beauty of sunset, snow-capped mountains, faces on Christmas morning.

Does anybody care out there anymore on Desolation Row this Thanksgiving Day?

Pass the turkey and the ammunition.