Tips of the day: Don't buy a prepaid debit card from the Kardashians or wrestle a Victoria's Secret runway model

Black Friday and Cyber Monday have come and gone, but the holiday shopping season likely will continue by Santa’s mandate.
Just don’t buy a prepaid debit card from the Kardashians or wrestle a Victoria’s Secret runway model.
The sisters are cutting ties with the card after the Connecticut attorney general called the card’s fees predatory.
Of course, who possibly could be surprised by this? Anybody who buys a Kardashian debit card has to have the financial acumen of a poodle.
For the record, the Kardashians’ stepfather is Betty Jenner, who as Bruce in his pre-facelift days edged out yours truly for the Olympic decathlon gold medal.
Speaking of jocks, Justin Gelband is the poor bloke who got stuck with the dirty job of training the bodies who will strut down the runaway tonight on The Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show before two billion eyeballs (assuming each viewer has a pair) on CBS.
Apparently Gelband builds bodies that aren’t just eye candy to sell enough bras to cover the entire global land mass. Judging by the photo below, these babes can pump some serious iron.