Tom Brady finds himself in a real hairy situation

So you think it’s cool being Tom Brady?

I think not.

Granted, the guy is a superstar quarterback for the New England Patriots, has more Super Bowl rings than some people have teeth, and is married to a supermodel.

By the way, Brady and the Patriots host the New York Jets Monday night on ESPN and everybody who’s not still reading the WikiLeaks’ documents will be watching.

But thank God Brady will be wearing a helmet. The guy’s hair is a mane mess because his wife, Gisele Bundchen, wears the pants in his family. And with legs like hers, what a shame she wears the pants.

OK, I do get it that a superficial guy might treat a hot wife slightly different than a spouse who’s built like a side-by-side freezer and has the adorable face of a rhino to match.

Nevertheless, Brady needs to arm himself with a pair of Nunchucks and take a stand against his wife by chopping off his Justin Bieber locks.

Bundchen reportedly has ordered her mane man to visit a hair restoration specialist in an attempt to curb the baldness gene that runs in the family. In that process, hair from the back and sides would be transplanted to the bald spot and the new growth would be seamless.

I’m an expert on hair loss, My forehead started receding moments after my first zit disappeared. But I’ve remained cooler than the underside of a pillow. Why? Because I wear the pants in my family and I have my wife’s permission to say so.

So I say it would be very cool of Brady to mimic The Situation’s hairstyle. Now there’s a cool dude who never would be sacked by a supermodel.