Obama a hero? A pariah? A lousy poker player? All of the above when it comes to the Bush tax cuts

So is President Obama a man who fell on his sword for the common good or a schmuck who got rolled?
Apparently it depends on your point of view.
Some folks are applauding him for doing the right thing by making a deal with the Republican infidels to extend the Bush tax cuts and unemployment insurance.
With the look of a broken dog that is once again shown the whip, Obama last night offered a dire narrative of what might have been. Ideologues in both parties were locked in a dangerous game with no concern for the welfare of the American people.
“Without a willingness to give on both sides, there’s no reason to believe that this stalemate won’t continue into next year,” he said.
A stalemate would mean a tax increase for everyone, and tax cuts for the hardest-hit would expire, along with unemployment benefits.
Granted, the deal announced last night to extend the Bush tax cuts may help the economy. But some of his fellow Democrats think Obama got beat like a snare drum and find the whole deal to be loathsome.

No wonder the left doesn’t dig Obama’s shtick. We just had a Democratic president and a Democratic congress ratifying the signature domestic policy accomplishment of the Bush administration.

While this may be more difficult for Democrats to digest than liverwurst in their oatmeal, Obama did the reasonable and right thing.

It has been written that in the nick of time Obama saved both parties from themselves. And as outrageous as that sounds, he did that very thing.

And now disdained by both the left and the right, our president may now just be a party of one.