China refuses to give peace a chance

China’s leaders are control freaks on steroids. They have no choice. It’s called job security.

Freedom is a motherless child in China because even one sniffle of freedom could trigger a sneeze big enough to topple its communist political system.

Anybody here recall the Soviet Union and its Eastern bloc satellites?

Which is why the Chinese leaders treat their people like Charlie Sheen treats his women — badly.

China’s totalitarian primitivism was showcased across around the globe today, putting Chinese egg noodles on its face.

With his Nobel Peace Prize diploma and medal placed in his empty chair, imprisoned Chinese dissident Liu Xiaobo was given a standing ovation at the award ceremony in Oslo, Norway as dignitaries demanded his release.

It was the first time in 74 years the prestigious $1.4 million award was not handed over because Liu is serving an 11-year sentence in China on subversion charges for urging sweeping changes to Beijing’s one-party system.

Granted, no big surprise that China is allergic to the Nobel Prize. There’s nothing noble about its government.
China was infuriated when the 54-year-old literary critic won, describing the award as an attack on its political and legal system. Authorities placed Liu’s supporters, including his wife, under house arrest to prevent anyone from picking up his prize.
As ever, China zones out on human rights.