Action Jackson propels Eagles past the Cowboys

DeSean Jackson has led a charmed life.
Cursed with a silly first name, he opted not to spend the remainder of his existence in the seclusion of a monastery.
He also decided to come back from the edge of nowhere to perform like a scythe slicing through NFL defenses.
Watching Jackson race through secondaries like a ricocheting bullet is comparable to staring at Michelangelo’s David. Both are works of art — one stationary, one kinetic.
The Philadelphia Eagles showed an imaginative zing Sunday night behind Jackson to stay atop the NFC East by beating the Dallas Cowboys 30-27 in Arlington.
Jackson clinched the victory with a 91-yard TD catch from Michael Vick, finishing a night epic with four catches for an astonishing 210 yards.
He had opened the game on a grand note by catching a 60-yard pass from Michael Vick, who spent the game portraying a punching bag. He took more hits than Obama the last two years.
And Jackson punctuated the touchdown with an emphatic and exaggerated splash into the end zone.
The game was memorable for the pure, unadulterated fury demonstrated by Andy Reid over the continued and unjustified punishment Vick endures. Are all NFL officials dog lovers looking for redemption?
Helping out was Shady McCoy, who scooted like a water bug for 149 yards on 16 carries.
The Eagles are having a year nobody realistically projected. Which is kind of cool.