Everything else might be going up in smoke, but at least our president has snuffed cigarettes

The White House drove Richard Nixon to drink, even though his presidency was going fairly well until they botched that little Watergate break-in.

I guess Barack Obama handles stress a tad better. After all, his presidency has driven a lot of other folks to demon rum … what with two wars, a jobless sort-of-economic recovery, and a health care law that is making everybody sick.

In the midst of all this turmoil, not to mention an Election Day massacre that had even Custer rolling over in his grave, Obama has quit smoking.

I guess with Obamacare and all, he figured the risk of lung cancer wasn’t worth the hassle. Either that or he could no longer afford to pay two hundred bucks for a carton.

Granted, it’s no longer cool to smoke cigarettes unless you’re starring in Mad Men or Boardwalk Empire. The kids today are all switching to grass.