Time magazine confirms that Mark Zuckerberg is a friend

Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg is Time’s 2010 Person of the Year.

Which even put him on the cover of the magazine.

Not a bad choice, considering that the social networking platform he invented now is the connective tissue for nearly a 10th of the planet. Before Zuckerberg, people actually had friends they physically had met. How archaic that now seems.

Personally, I’m happy when anybody whose last name starts with Z wins a major award. Because there is an alphabet prejudice out there as all we Z’s know.

I’m also glad that Zuckerberg beat out the Tea Party, the runner-up. Christine O’Donnell apparently is being a real witch today about finishing second.

Zuckerberg also beat out the creepy Julian Assange and the Chilean miners, who were left in the dark about all this.

Apparently President Obama was not among the frontrunners. Imagine that.