Jackson performs an improbable miracle and Vick performs a thrilling rescue in pulling off a monumental Giant collapse

Astounding. Amazing. Awesome.

Improbable. Incredible. Inspirational.

Sizzling. Sensational. Superdooper.

I don’t know what it is about the Eagles and their Miracles at the Meadowlands. But you don’t have to be a private eye to uncover a trend going on. And it’s pure magic.

Herman Edwards. Brian Westbrook. DeSean Jackson/Michael Vick. These guys can’t multiply loaves and fishes but they can divide and conquer the Giants with a trumpet flourish at crunch time.

In a game for the sages and the ages, including every drunken Eagles fan, they will talk about today’s 38-31 Philadelphia victory forever and a day.

Trailing 24-3 at the half and looking more dead in the water than the Titanic as the Giants pressured Vick relentlessly and carved up the Eagles’ D like a Christmas ham, the Birds looked ready for the coroner.

Then Vick engineered the Great Escape with his arm and legs to tie it 31-31 with 1:16 left and I haven’t even gotten to the best part.

OK, maybe I’m burying the lead, but blogging ain’t journalism.

On the final play of the game, Jackson fumbled the punt, which was a good thing. That knocked the Giants out of their pursuit lanes and Jackson somehow burst into the clear and rocketed for a 65-yard TD return.

Hard to believe, but it was the first game in NFL history to end on a punt return for a touchdown.

Even harder to believe, the Giants’ Matt Dodge is a moron for not punting out of bounds. Giants coach Tom Coughlin was so angry he almost punted Dodge through the goalposts after the game.

The Eagles, after stuffing 28 points into the final 7:28, all but clinched the NFC East at 10-4.

What theater! What drama! What a thrill to see another Miracle at the Meadowlands break a sweat!