Obama hangs loose in Hawaii, celebrating a roll worthy of a pistol-hot craps shooter

After his midterm election shellacking, it seemed as if Barack Obama’s presidency was going down the drain to the strains of a Strauss waltz.
It appeared almost a lock that Obama would be vacating the White House in 2012, headed for a shack designed out of cardboard and tacked-up newspapers.
Now Obama is The Comeback Kid. Bill Clinton redux. The Christmas Miracle Worker.
The president now is vacationing in Hawaii, sprinting into the holiday break with impressive victories on DADT, START and 9/11. He’s on such a roll that if they suddenly suited him up in a college bowl game he’d be a god in a chinstrap throwing spirals through buttonholes.
Even Republicans have noticed Obama’s resurrection. By the way, aren’t resurrections all the vogue at Easter, not Christmas? But I digress.
Republican media guru Mike Murphy writes: “The GOP now has a great shot in 2012, but 23 months is a very long time in politics. President Obama is showing an impressive new ruthlessness with his liberal base that, combined with an economic recovery, will augur well for him in a national election.”
But first come 11 days in Hawaii for Obama and his family as they slurp shave ice on Kailua Beach.
I have been to Kailua Beach and I must tell you that it sure beats the hell out of Blue Marsh.