Ed Rendell, a big fan of the Eagles and Frosty the Snowman, says we've become of a nation of wussies. Is he right? Man up and weigh in

Ed Rendell is a lame duck as governor but evidently is one tough lame duck.
Tougher than a five-dollar steak. Tougher than morning breath after a night of cigars, onion rings and rot-gut whiskey. Tougher than the Chinese (more on that in a Pennsylvania minute).
Tough enough to apparently to wear just his undies (bad image, I know) at Ice Station Zebra. Tough enough to wrap his big tongue around the North Pole.
Rendell, an unabashed Eagles’ fan who moonlights as a supposed football expert on Eagles Post Game Live on Comcast SportsNet, is not thrilled that the Birds and the NFL wimped out Sunday night.
So instead of playing the Minnesota Vikings Sunday night in a snowstorm at the Linc, they are getting it on tonight when the only flakes will be dandruff falling from too-cold scalps.
Indeed, Rendell now is calling the good ol’ USA a nation of wussies. And when is the last time you heard a governor call everybody in the country a wuss?
After calling the postponement “a joke” and saying that “Vince Lombardi would be spinning in his grave,” on Sunday, Rendell’s anger certainly heated up thereafter.
“My biggest beef is that this is part of what’s happened in this country,” Rendell said in an interview on 97.5 radio in Philly. “I think we’ve become wussies. … We’ve become a nation of wusses. The Chinese are kicking our butt in everything. If this was in China do you think the Chinese would have called off the game? People would have been marching down to the stadium, they would have walked and they would have been doing calculus on the way down.”
Never mind that Rendell stereotyped the Chinese for being math whizzes. He may have a point. And not just about us being candy asses about snow. Nobody walks in America anymore, even in San Diego-type weather. And when Americans are forced to walk at gunpoint, they ain’t listening to calculus lessons on their iPods.

Americans once were made of hardy pioneer stock who walked 17 miles uphill both ways to school in blinding blizzards and arctic temperatures. Their teeth may have shattered like porcelain from the cold but they still managed to happily gum their meals.
Suppose George Washington and his troops had postponed Valley Forge to the Fourth of July? The Declaration of Independence may not have been signed and we all would be British. And cricket would be our favorite sport. Slug me with Queen Elizabeth’s purse!
Football, unlike badminton, was invented to be played in the elements. But the doming of stadiums changed all that, I guess.
It wasn’t that long ago that the 1967 Ice Bowl between the Cowboys and Packers in Green Bay and the 1982 Freezer Bowl between the Chargers and Bengals in Cincinnati were the stuff of fable and frostbite for their brutal conditions. Players and fans who were there still are shivering, even those who now are dead. But nobody called them wussies.