Extended vacation in Hawaii gives Obama more time to search for his birth certificate

OK, I know this is not going to meet with a warm embrace by many of you.
Nevertheless, risking the scorn of thousands who think President Obama and his family vacation even more than Paris Hilton, I think the president and his family are smart to extend their Hawaiian vacation a couple days until January 3rd.
Having been to Oahu seven times in the dead of winter, one would have to be a moron to come back to the East where cold winds, snow and ice create more torment and suffering than do the hounds of hell. Besides, ever try to play golf in D.C. this time of year? Even if the greens aren’t snow covered, they’re harder than Republican minds.
Of course, daughters Sasha and Malia will miss two days of school. No problem. Do you really think either one of them will grow up and find it impossible to go to college?
Children of presidents always are Ivy League material. After all, George W. Bush went to Yale and it wasn’t because he could read Greek philosophy in seven different languages.