If you simply must party in the new year, here are some powerhouse drinks that will have you stiffer than Queen Elizabeth well before midnight

Partying on New Year’s Eve ain’t what it used to be. DUIs are no way to ring in a new year because they sort of put a crimp in your bank account and your reputation. Plus, you may have to hire Nick Nolte to be your driver for six months.

But if you have a designated driver, which is why the Lord invented wives (God bless them), party on.

If you have to be where there’s an open bar tonight and don’t give a damn whether your head feels as if Paul Bunyan split it with an axe on the first day of 2011, here are the 10 worst hangover drinks.

To prove to Fast Eddie Rendell that you are not a wuss, have two of each.

Clink the glasses because the top 10 hangover drinks are, in order, Vodka Martini, Long Island Iced Tea, Planter’s Punch, Gin Martini, Rob Roy, Negroni, Margarita, Gibson, Manhattan (my particular favorite) and Tequila Sunrise.

Makes you thirsty just scanning the list and nostalgic as well. I remember New Year’s Eve parties where everybody was buy-a-vowel drunk, spewing cuss words, donning lampshades, kissing Dick Clark on the television screen and looking to fight. And the men were sometimes worse.

Happy New Year to all of you — on the left, on the right, or smack dab in the middle (an endangered species).

Not to be a stuffed shirt, but please don’t drink and drive.