Getting past the Packers in the first round might be tougher for the Eagles than sneaking a cheesesteak past Andy Reid

The worst thing that could happen to the Eagles transpired today.
And I’m not referencing their closing bye, a 14-13 loss to the Cowboys and the immortal Stephen McGee at the Linc in a game so absurdly boring it refused to be absorbed. It was a performance that left mouths agape — not in astonishment but rather in yawns.
Andy Reid put a lot of his regulars on the shelf so they wouldn’t get hurt unless they fell off it. But the injury bug still may haunt the Birds in the playoffs because Max Jean-Giles hurt his ankle.

Kevin Kolb played for Michael Vick and was lucky to escape alive behind a makeshift O line that looked like a turnstile and couldn’t block a hat. Kolb suffered a six-pack of sacks, was stripped for a touchdown fumble return, and uncorked three picks.
Now for the bad news. The Packers scratched and clawed past the Bears Sunday to take the NFC’s sixth seed. Meaning the Eagles host Green Bay next Sunday at 4:30 in the wildcard round of the playoffs.
So Philly now faces the most dangerous of the three possible opponents they could have drawn in the first round. The Buccaneers and Giants were the others in contention and neither squad is as potent as Green Bay.
That leaky Eagles’ pass defense gets to face Aaron Rodgers, who has the arm and the savvy to take the Birds’ secondary, fold it neatly, put it in his pocket and make it his own.
So it will be up to Vick, DeSean Jackson and Shady McCoy to unleash their fastbreak offense.
They’re going to have to create art. And the ultimate art is to make an accomplice of whatever you are dealing with. Like Mozart with melodies and Rembrandt with canvas. Let’s hope they’re wearing their genius caps under their helmets.