Goldman Sachs squanders a $500 million investment in Facebook when it could have saved some money by instead pumping only $10.25 into the Zeke Blog

Facebook has a new friend in Goldman Sachs, which has staked $500 million in the social networking site — pushing its value to $50 billion.
Investment analysts and digital geeks all are marveling that Goldman Sachs opted to spurn the Zeke Blog for Facebook even though the former has many more friends (and foes).
The Goldman Sachs deal will double kid Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg’s fortune to around $14 billion, some $13.99999999 billion more than Zeke’s worth.
Granted, the SEC may have something to say about this transaction because Zuckerberg doesn’t want Facebook to go public because he is such a private person whose friends apparently are only virtual.
Zeke, meanwhile, loves to go public with his blatherings and has at least two friends who are actual human beings, one of them being himself and the other being his alter ego, Mike Zielinski.