More dead birds dropping like flies. What's up with that? Or rather, what's down with that?

OK, there’s something going on here and we don’t know what it is.

Birds keep dropping from the sky and somehow I don’t think it’s because Alfred Hitchcock and Rod Serling suddenly came back to life.

They say a storm may have been the reason why 3,000 dead blackbirds crash landed on Arkansas shortly before New Year’s. Now five hundred dead redwing blackbirds and starlings have dive bombed into Louisiana.

Bye, bye birdies.

A sign that End of Times is near? Aren’t some crackpot Christians right now claiming we’re all going to wet our pants this May 21st when The Rapture comes to town, which is sure to put a crimp into proms and graduation parties?

Or are there invisible aliens patrolling our skies? Apparently the FAA is investigating.

I, for one, believe the birds committed suicide after learning that the latest Gallup Poll shows President Obama’s approval rating has shot up to a shocking 50 percent.