Obama didn't lose his mind in appointing William Daley chief of staff

William Daley is the new sheriff in the West Wing.And it might take forever and a day to get used to him wearing a white hat instead of a black hat.President Obama announced today that he’s picked Daley as his new chief of staff, saying that Daley “possesses a deep understanding of how jobs are created.”
Since nobody seems to have created a job in the U.S. in several years, that sure as hell is a good thing.
But isn’t this the same William Daley who has been an Obama nemesis, the guy who threw health care reform and the Consumer Protection Bureau under a Chicago bus? Isn’t this the same William Daley who was a senior-level banker for JP Morgan Chase? And wasn’t it the banking industry that complained last year of being the president’s piñata?
The one and the same.
So what gives? After all, did God hire Lucifer as his chief of staff? Did David hire Goliath to be one of the guys working his corner? Did Batman put The Joker on the payroll along with Alfred the butler? Did Jack Kennedy put Fidel Castro in his cabinet?
Then again, William Daley evidently has more sides to him than a polygon. I could say he apparently is more two-faced than a Gemini but since I’m a Gemini, I’ll refrain from doing so.
Daley will sit at the right hand of the president because he’s as much friend as foe. He was a senior aide and then Secretary of Commerce in the Clinton administration and sat on the board of the Gore campaign.
Beltway insiders claim Howard Dean has a man-crush on Daley. And Dean may be the most liberal person to have ever stalked the earth.
Of course, Obama seems to be going to his right these days … a tough feat for a lefthander (i.e. Michael Vick vs. the blitz).
Daley has lamented about his party sticking too far to the left. You don’t have to be Nostradamus to see his appointment as a sign of Obama shifting toward the right.
And then there is the Chicago connection. Obama and Daley have ties in Chicago politics and both are chummy with former chief of staff Rahm Emanuel, who’s vying to replace Daley’s brother, Richard Jr., to be Chicago’s next mayor.
And Daley’s hire helps Obama kiss up to the bankers and all their corporate money. After all, 2012 now is only a year away.