Majority of Americans, even the hardened gladiators who are packing, support tougher gun restrictions

I know this will be horseradish in the shooting eye of all the NRA folks and groups lobbying against any new gun-control measures, but a new bipartisan poll shows that both gun owners and the general public support stronger measures to keep firearms out of the hands of criminals and other potentially dangerous individuals.
The poll — conducted for the coalition Mayors Against Illegal Guns — suggests that while far-reaching gun-control legislation seems unlikely to pass, some narrower measures may be able to earn bipartisan support.
Imagine that. That should shake some thunder from the heavens.
Granted, the love for guns in this country always will smolder on, like a fire deep in an old mine. But just maybe the colonization of trigger-happy minds is beginning to expire, and the apocalyptic axis of guns and violence eventually will run out of bullets.
Then again, I’m probably in desperate need of electroshock therapy for even suggesting that may come to pass.