Shocker in Chicago: Rahm Emanuel booted off the ballot by appellate court

Rahm Emanuel got some bad news today that undoubtedly raised his voice an octave and had his notoriously salty tongue launching more F-bombs than Rex Ryan in Hard Knocks.
An Illinois appellate court threw the former White House chief of staff off the ballot for Chicago mayor because he didn’t live in the city in the year before the election.
Perhaps the appellate court was in a nasty mood because Jay Cutler and the Bears wimped out against the dreaded Packers in their NFC title tussle Sunday.
The decision cast doubt over Emanuel’s candidacy just a month before the election. He had been considered the front-runner and had raised more money than any other candidate.
C’mon, man. The guy was too dumb to do his homework … or to find a loophole somewhere. After all, this is Chicago politics we’re talking about.
Granted, it was no secret that Emanuel was working in the White House for a couple years. He had to show up in the Oval Office. He wasn’t telecommuting from Chicago.
Guess some guys just can’t free themselves from the quicksand of their own mind.
Whatever, Emanuel plans to appeal. If that doesn’t work, he could simply take over the town. have Chicago secede from the union, and declare himself dictator.