Egypt could throw a gigantic wrecking ball into the machinery of our rebounding economy

With Egypt now a torsion spring-loaded device that still is being wound until it explodes, it’s time to worry about how all this is going to mess with our serenity.

With change swinging like a knockwurst pendulum and about to knock out President Hosni Mubarak, the repercussions of tearing up the old Egyptian government manual and distributing a new one could profoundly do a lawn job on our recovering economy.

Our economy could be churned up like a World War I battlefield if Egypt, possibly our most vital Arab ally, is swept into a radical and anti-West Islamic frenzy.

Imagine the impact of having a government hostile to the U.S. and its interests controlling the Suez Canal, a vital shipping lane for oil coming from the Middle East and to the West.

Try the doubling and even tripling of oil prices. In the wake of that, we all could wind up riding bicycles to work.

Much worse, the Egyptian fallout could trigger an economic doomsday known as stagflation — a one-two destructive punch in which our economy suffers from both high unemployment and high inflation.

No wonder my wallet is suffering twinges of pain today.