Sarah Palin® has no trademark on intelligence

The news cycle is spinning the same old yarns as if we’re still stuck on Groundhog Day … the weather continues to gag most of America … Egyptians continue to spend more time on the streets than hookers … Sarah Palin continues to be more narcissistic than a diva and more shallow than a Pizza Hut thin crust.
The former Alaska governor and conservative rock star has filed for a trademark on her name, apparently worried someone may highjack the Palin brand.
Yep, say hello to Sarah Palin®.
Her concern over intellectual property rights is amusing since she her intellectual properties seem nonexistent.
Maybe it’s just liberal old me, but again how can anybody who hasn’t had his or her brain encased in a glacier seriously consider Sarah Palin® to be serious presidential timber?
Her trademark filing is the latest example of how Palin rolls around in her celebrity like it’s stuck to her clothing … the latest evidence of how her mind yaws like a wind in the Alaska Range.
Trademarks are for products, not people. As Sarah Palin®, she’s more a Cuisinart or a Chia pet than a politician.