Olbermann tries to jolt career back to life by taking charge of Current TV

After Keith Olbermann got tossed by MSNBC, you figured the bombastic and sarcastic liberal mouthpiece wasn’t going to return to his ESPN roots.
After all, baseball season soon will be upon us and Olbermann would have been confined to harpooning only the right fielders on ESPN.
Instead, Olbermann has opted to work for left fielder Al Gore, who when not preoccupied with the world melting is co-owner of Current TV — not to be confused with the History Channel.
Apparently Current TV is as popular as gout. It is a low-rated operation (averaging a paltry 23,000 viewers in prime time) that reaches 60 million American homes and generates little attention, mostly because it has as many good shows as Omaha has good surfers.
Olbermann isn’t just joining Current TV and launching a prime-time show in late spring — he’s also going to serve as its “chief news officer” (whatever the hell that means) and getting an equity stake in the process.
Welcome to oblivion, Mr. Olbermann. You’ll be as MIA as Jimmy Hoffa and Judge Crater once were.