Rail systems on crank would spike heart rates and jobs

Man, it would be nifty if we could take a twinkle-quick trip to Philly and not have to be unwilling prisoners of lost time stuck in traffic on the Schuylkill Expressway, the Blue Route and 95.

Perhaps this won’t be a pipe dream if the Obama administration gets its way.
The administration today called on Congress to authorize a significant new investment in high-speed passenger rail systems, at a cost of $53 billion over six years.
Man, it would nice to hear that train a comin’.

Appearing at Philadelphia’s 30th Street Station, Vice President Joe Biden pitched the proposed infrastructure program as a needed dose of stimulus at a time when states are looking for cheap sources of jobs.
The proposal would spend $8 billion in its first year, the first step in what the White House projects would be a 25-year shift to modern, speedy railways able to reach 80 percent of the United States and offering thousands of jobs.
However, I likely would have a better chance of whipping WWE champ The Miz in a steel-cage Texas death match than cruising to Philly at the speed of light anytime soon.
And even with jobs more scarce than a sense of humor in Tea Baggers, where are we gonna find steel-driving’ men like John Henry to lay all that track?