Iran, Bahrain and Yemen, like their Egyptian brethren, are getting downright revolting

A whole spectrum of autocratic regimes in the Middle East is in a world of deep doo-doo.
The revolutionary fervor that toppled Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak like a 10-pin has been a galvanizing moment for demonstrators in Iran, Bahrain and Yemen where violent protests have sprouted like dandelions in the sand.
Of course, Iran still packs some hard-liners who are megaton punchers. Today they called for the arrest or execution of opposition leaders involved in Monday’s street protests.
But this intoxicating whiff of destiny may be strong enough to withstand the most cruel crackdown. The people in the streets, damn sick of the thin political gruel they have to swallow as their daily nourishment, are vibrating with bolts of vitality and hope.
And the despotic regimes are splitting like cantaloupes that have been too long in the sun.