Cries to burn Anne Hathaway and James Franco at the stake are a bit over the top

While the rest of the world chews its fingernails over what’s happening in Libya and Wisconsin and at the NFL Combine while wondering whether the Phillies’ Four Aces will actually go undefeated and unscored upon this season, Hollywood indulged itself once again last night with the Academy Awards.

And now that last night has morphed into today, everybody is picking on co-hosts Anne Hathaway and James Franco for being young and cutesy and for not being Bob Hope and Billy Crystal. And for not volunteering to fight in Afghanistan.

How cruel the world is.

As for me, I was surprised that Colin Firth didn’t stammer his way through his thank you’s after winning best actor for The King’s Speech. And delighted that Melissa Leo dropped the F-bomb after winning best supporting actress for The Fighter. At least Leo didn’t drop 94-year-old stroke victim Kirk Douglas with a left hook. Was it just me, but does it look as if Kirk has aged a day or two since he starred in Spartacus and The Vikings?

Other big winners were The King’s Speech for best picture, Natalie Portman for best actress for Black Swan and Christian Bale for best supporting actor for The Fighter.

The King’s Speech is an excellent movie, but not in the same league as Animal House or Caddyshack or Christmas Vacation. Portman looks superhot even when pregnant and not on her toes. Bale won the hearts of husbands everywhere for apparently forgetting his wife’s name.

Speaking of names, you would think Hollywood could have come up with a sexier name than Oscar. Even plumbers and mechanics aren’t named Oscar anymore.

Now back to Libya and Wisconsin, sports fans.