Staggering upheaval of nature traps Japan in an abyss of torment

The horror in Japan is evolving into a dark Shakespearian drama with labyrinthine plot twists and tragedies.
It is a nation where the rawest, most searing suffering is eye-rubbing to witness. People are reeling, in desperate need of relief convoys. Somber, shaken expressions abound. Dazed, defeated expressions proliferate. Audible gasps are commonplace. Fireballs of pain are everywhere.
A tide of 1,000 bodies washed up along the coastline today; crematoriums were overwhelmed; body bags and coffins were in short supply; water levels dropped precipitously inside one stricken nuclear reactor and the fuel rods inside three reactors at the complex appeared to be melting along with the Japanese stock market.
Reduced to the rubble of a ground-down wasteland in affected areas, it may take years for Japan to free itself from the quicksand of this epic humanitarian, environmental, nuclear and economic crisis.
The whole nightmare has become strangely frightening and mesmerizing on an incomprehensible scale.