House vote on stopgap funding brews some bitter tea

With Uncle Sam in danger of sporting empty pockets come Friday, the House today passed another short-term bill to fund the federal government.

Big deal. You figured the House wasn’t about to put the government out on the street.

Still, there was almost as much drama as you’ll find at a school board meeting these days when cuts to music and sports programs are debated.

More than 50 fiscal and Tea Party conservatives, apparently as flexible as arthritic spines, defied GOP leaders on the vote.

The Tea Party disciples may bleed the perpetually tan John Boehner absolutely pale before long.

The bill passed today is a stopgap measure, which includes $6 billion in cuts to government programs, that will run out April 8.
In all 54 Republicans — angry over the piecemeal approach to cutting spending or because the measure doesn’t cut off all funding for the nation’s health care law — joined 104 Democrats to oppose the measure.
President Obama is urging the Senate to pass the short-term budget bill to avoid a government shutdown so he can focus on his March Madness brackets.