Between Limerick and Three Mile Island, Berks County could get nuked big time if a doomsday disaster strikes

With wild and wicked weather/earthquakes/tsunamis/hurricanes/tornadoes/any other not previously mentioned natural disasters seemingly smashing our globe to smithereens, it makes you wonder, as you watch the Japanese nuclear plants poised to burn down to ash, how safe are the nuclear plants in the U.S.

Granted, nobody can be California cool about the fact that nearly half of the 104 nuclear reactors operating in the United States are close to major fault lines.
And who knows when thunder is gonna shake again from below the earth or from the heavens?
So The Daily Beast ranked the country’s power plant sites based on three, equally weighted tenets: risk of natural disaster, safety performance assessments, and surrounding population.
It’s not comforting to know that Limerick, just a long 3-wood with the wind at your back away from Reading, is No. 3 on the most vulnerable list.
And Three Mile Island, which already is infamous for nuclear near-meltdowns, in Middletown is No. 42 on the list.
Keep your fingers crossed, Mr. and Mrs. Berks County. And keep your medicine cabinets stocked with iodine radiation pills.