Obama is not spreading himself thinner than a rake or a cobweb's thread. Ever hear of multitasking?

The upcoming presidential campaign is the perfect Petri dish to develop the story line that Barack Obama is as limp as linguini when to comes to being a chief executive.

Which is why conservatives are crucifying the president for going to Brazil while the U.S. and its allies launch a limited military intervention in Libya. And for discussing his NCAA hoops brackets on ESPN while Japan deals with its tragedy.

First of all, South America is becoming increasingly important to us, much more so than Tripoli. Which is why so much Spanish is spoken here. We gotta stay tight with our neighbors. And this time of year, what possibly could be more important than getting your Final Four picks right?

Let’s get real, folks. No president during each and every crisis has to lock himself in the Oval Office and totally focus 24/7 on that specific problem until he becomes a recluse-zombie-maniac dragging his chains and howling at the moon.

After all, no president can be Mighty Mouse singing “Here I come to save the day!” whenever a crisis pops up like an ugly zit on the face of the globe. A president wears a suit (except when playing golf or basketball), not a cape. Superman he ain’t.

It’s about time Americans and Congress realize that there’s a limited toolbox that we have in intervening in other people’s affairs.

The day is long gone when Uncle Sam could send in the cavalry to right every wrong.

Getting back to Obama’s ambitious schedule, he’s no different than all the rest of us. Multitasking is a way of life in the 21st century. As I write these very words, I’m also watching (God forbid) March Madness dribble on, eating a sandwich and avoiding picking up all the tree limbs and twigs that some dame named Mother Nature blew on my lawn under the cover of winter snow.

By the way, it was prudent that Obama waited for an allied international effort to launch strikes on Libya. An America-only attack runs a greater risk of us getting embroiled in a third war. Bush-style cowboy unilateralism only works if you’re John Wayne. And Obama looks a lot more like Cleavon Little in Blazing Saddles than he does John Wayne.