Crash of U.S. fighter jet in Libya a stark reminder of the cost of war

You just knew it was going to happen. It was so predictable. Just like the sunrise. And the sunset.
You don’t put people in harm’s way without running into harm.
A U.S. Air Force fighter jet crashed in Libya after experiencing an equipment malfunction, but both crew members ejected safely, suffered only minor injuries and now are out of Libya and in U.S. hands.
Thank God for that.
A spokesman for U.S. Africa Command said today that the crash of the F-15E Strike Eagle was not due to enemy or hostile action.
So evidently the plane must have been lemon — something critics call our Libyan adventure since it, like the eternal NBA season, has no apparent end game or exit strategy.
Perhaps we need to use better planes in Libya. So perhaps the Obama administration should change its mind and ask Congress for a supplemental bill to pay for the military intervention in Libya.
By the way, just the first day of Libyan air strikes that saw the launch of more than 100 tomahawk missiles cost somewhere between $112 million to $168 million.
Then again, the administration for now has a no-fly zone over Congress when it comes to the Libyan military strikes.