The more things change, the more things stay the same

With the world boiling over in several directions and places, it seems that the more intense the situation, the more unforeseeable the denouement.
No wonder recent developments seem as shocking as watching a cute cat leap from your lap to dismember a bird.
Whatever is going down these days, we don’t seem to be moving into an epoch of prosperity and light.
For instance, while our school districts and colleges don’t have enough money to educate our kids and when our municipalities and states don’t have enough dough to build highways or repair bridges, America has spent about $225 million so far firing Tomahawk missiles over Gaddafi’s land — a cost that could balloon to $1 billion while you’re sitting in traffic going north on Route 222.
Our Libyan intervention seems to have transformed our president into a human piñata and left the rest of us rubber-legged.