Tea Party founder must be drinking something stronger than tea if he thinks Charlie Sheen makes more sense than John Boehner

The melodies you hear coming from Tea Party Nation founder Judson Phillips are not to be confused with those in the string section of the Vienna Symphony Orchestra.
Phillips keeps singing the same nasty old song, hitting all the low notes in crooning that “Charlie Sheen still makes more sense than John Boehner because at least Charlie Sheen is winning.”
Phillips is turning his bazooka on the House Speaker because he’s hissed about Boehner’s efforts to cut government not just to the bone but to the marrow of the bone.
“This is the one message the Tea Party needs to be out there pushing,” Phillips said, ramping up the savage ferocity an octave. “If you don’t live up to your promise, we’re going to throw you out.”
The Tea Party leader has signaled support for a fiscally conservative candidate mounting a primary challenge against Boehner in 2012.
At issue for Phillips are signs, he says, that Boehner won’t fulfill his pledge to slash $100 billion from the budget and instead compromise with Senate Democrats on a proposal that cuts billions less.
Nothing like whistling past the graveyard while you whittle government spending down to a toothpick.