Arnold will be baaack as a caaahhh-tooon superhero

When we last heard from Arnold Schwarzenegger, my favorite Republican, his term as California governor had expired. And we assumed his shelf life as an action hero had expired as well.
But Arnie, now 63, apparently is not one to allow old age to settle over him like a shroud. No soft-belly decline for the perpetual Mr. Olympia, who once had Sierra mountains for biceps and whose chest was big enough to play the Super Bowl on.
And now past is prologue. Capitalizing on his commanding presence, Schwarzenegger is poised to cut a new path to glory.
He’ll be baaack, as a caaahhh-tooon!
Arnold is going to star as a cartoon superhero called The Governator. A smart move, since cartoon characters never age. After all, Schwarzenegger is at an age when he must stiffen every sinew, conjure up every wile to do the now undoable.
“When I ran for governor back in 2003, and I started hearing people talking about ‘the Governator,’ I thought the word was so cool,” Schwarzenegger said. “The cartoon brings everything together. It combines the governor, the Terminator, the bodybuilding world, the True Lies (in which he played a spy).”
The animated TV show and comic book, due out next year, are being co-developed by the legendary Stan Lee, who is to comic books what Babe Ruth was to baseball, what Adam and Eve were to sin.
The animated TV show and comic book are designed to be launching pads for a franchise that could include films. Schwarzenegger will provide the voice of the TV character.
The show follows the Governator as he trades a career in politics for a crime-fighting venture run out of Arnold Cave, a cyber center hidden under his house in Brentwood.
The superhero comes complete with a collection of super cars, super suits and super sidekicks, including a teenage computer whiz who will help him fight scores of super villains, including the G.I.R.L.I.E. Man.
After all, every day there seems to be bad guys borne on cold, threatening breezes. Perhaps the Governator can be dispatched to clean up Libya, Syria, Tea Party headquarters and the 6th Ward in Reading.