If it's on Facebook it must be true: Obama is in for 2012

Barack Obama, utterly shocking everybody not too busy fleeing for their lives in Libya, the Ivory Coast, Detroit and Camden, launched his reelection campaign today.
Perhaps his next step is to produce his birth certificate. Of course, how many folks know exactly where their birth certificate is at this precise moment? Mine is in a trusty metal box containing important papers. I hid the metal box behind a bunch of junk in the bowels of my basement years ago and now I can’t seem to find it. I suspect right-wing birthers or squirrels broke in and kidnapped it. Which is why you won’t see me announcing my presidential ambitions anytime soon.
Obama’s delivery method today was somewhat ironic. His campaign is expected to be a $1 billion juggernaut lavishly funded by his corporate patrons in Wall Street, technology and green energy firms. But he opted for a very cheap and viral way of getting his message out — announcing it in a video emailed and texted to supporters.
Granted, Obama’s 2008 campaign was notable for its innovative use of digital technology and social media — a far cry from those ancient days when presidential candidates hung onto the back of cabooses and shouted rhetoric at the masses while their election whistlestop trains threaded through the heartland.
Facebook, not railroad stations, is where you find candidates these days.
Obama reportedly kicked off his campaign now so he could kick-start raising campaign funds. Never mind that economics may shut down the government Friday. The right is so right in already criticizing the timing.
Obviously we’re all fascinated by how 2012 will play out. Even though the Republicans don’t at this time seem to have a candidate who is a rock star with brains and charisma, Obama still faces some severe challenges.
For instance, he seems to lack leadership skills. This guy couldn’t lead a Cub Scout troop to its next den meeting.
Folks also don’t have a fixed sense of who Obama is because he calibrates more often than a major league ballplayer adjusts the bill of his cap.
But his biggest problem could be the Rust Belt and Midwest, which treats him as if he is some outsider from Kenya, of all places. If Obama doesn’t find a way to win some combination of Ohio, Wisconsin, Iowa, and Minnesota, he’ll have plenty of time to Facebook in January 2013.
Guess it’s time for Chris Christie to lay off that Jersey sweet corn and get in shape for a presidential run.