Boehner thinks the GOP would suffer a political catastrophe if the federal government runs out of money Friday

So if the government shuts down Friday, are the Republicans running wild into the slaughter?
House Speaker John Boehner, who just happens to be a Republican even though some Tea Partiers don’t think so, thinks so.
Boehner told his caucus Tuesday that Democrats would probably “win” the political battle if the government shuts down.
“The Democrats think they benefit from a government shutdown. I agree,” Boehner said — and several of his colleagues who were there for the 1995 shutdown backed him up.

It’s enough to make a grown man, uh, cry.

No wonder tension is as sharp as a razor on Capitol Hill, where nerves are stripped and shredded. This is more painful than passing a kidney stone. The problem is ideology keeps bumping fenders with pragmatic economics.
Despite his concerns about the toxic fallout on the GOP, Boehner is said to have demanded $40 billion in cuts, a $7 billion hike from the $33 billion they had been discussing.
The color of money is green. So is the color of nausea.
So what can be done before the D.C. sky dawns a savage, flinty blue on Friday?
The art of compromise, which, like a running back, is all about artistic and visionary navigation. Nifty, tippy-tap moves, bruising power, sleek, gliding strides followed by the lightning cut, the burst. It’s an amazing palette of strength and grace and sheer magnificence.
Are our legislators up to it? You make the call.