Trump as a presidential frontrunner? Please tell me it's a bad hallucination

The mere thought of Donald Trump as a 2012 presidential frontrunner makes me wonder just how many Republicans actually do have geraniums for craniums.

To quote that famous wordsmith, tennis bad boy John McEnroe, you can’t be serious!

Trump as a viable presidential contender is a concept that mutilates the mind, the heart and the soul worse than any 1960s LSD trip.

After all, the guy is about as charming as a rent collector. He has an ego bigger than Lake Ontario. He craves publicity more than the Kardashian sisters. And outside of knowing how to make, spend and lose money, he’s a real apprentice when it comes to domestic and foreign policy expertise.

Granted, Trump on the campaign trail undoubtedly would be a delight for the media as he creates more menace than Dennis ever did to Mr. Mitchell.

Of course, with such weak GOP contenders at this point, pitting Trump and his brand against their sorry lot might be comparable to a SUV against motorbikes.