Birther issue update: Forget Hawaii or Kenya, Obama was born on Facebook

What TV was to JFK and what flyers on cherry trees were to George Washington, Facebook is to Barack Obama.

Forgot Joe Biden, who opens his mouth and shuts his eyes too often. Facebook honcho Mark Zuckerberg, who has yet to shave, is Obama’s right-hand man.

Obama likely wouldn’t be president today if it weren’t for Facebook and Zuckerberg. Blame them if you must. Whatever, Obama plays Facebook like Vladimir Horowitz played the piano, like Elizabeth Taylor played Eddie Fisher, like George Stephanopoulos played Michele Bachmann.

And Obama is at it again today, hosting a town hall at Facebook headquarters, a symbol of the social media goliath’s massive political clout. In fact, if Goliath could have thrown Facebook at David, the Old Testament would have been thrown a wicked curve.

Granted, Obama needs Facebook for his reelection campaign. And Facebook needs Obama so that federal regulators don’t throw Zuckerberg’s tech toy into hot water.

Then again, perhaps Zuckerberg shouldn’t have to curry favor like a court jester. Facebook has 600 million members, about twice the U.S. population, and none of them illegals.

Zuckerberg could be the most powerful man on the planet now that Roy Halladay is merely mortal.