Earth Day is not the time to dump your old washer and dryer into the Schuylkill

Good Friday everybody and welcome to Earth Day, a day when even Republicans and Tea Partiers hug trees instead of tycoons.

Today is the 41st anniversary of Earth Day, which I believe was invented by pot-smoking hippies who were afraid if the environment went to hell nobody would be able to grow grass anymore. And I’m not talking about the grass Scotts grows in your backyard.

I guess we do treat the environment somewhat better than we did four decades ago when most of us thought recycling meant taking a sequel bike ride.

We no longer are completely clueless about water sanitation, carbon emissions, pollution, wasted energy, oil spills and radiation leaks. Serving as grave reminders were the BP oil spill in the Gulf and the tsunami-induced nuclear reactor crisis in Japan.

We gotta love the environment even though it’s usually harsh to us.

While you and I can’t make a grandiose contribution to Mother Earth, we can do our small part by planting a tree, starting a garden, carpooling, and removing the heater/AC, the electricity and the plumbing from our homes.

Short of all that, we can at least brush our teeth without running water. You first!

Go green to put a sheen on the planet before Armageddon fries everything brown.