Manic Monday … Syria clenches fist ever tighter; Supremes in no rush to put a stethoscope on Obamacare; palace guard barred from royal wedding duty after his online rant accuses Kate of being a snob for snub

On a Monday in which the dissent-allergic Syrian government continued to treat its citizens like termites by sending thousands of soldiers and tanks into Daraa and killing at least 11 people, and on a Monday in which the Supreme Court rejected a call from Virginia’s attorney general to put a review of Obamacare on a Talladega fast track, the really big news is that there will be one missing palace guard at Friday’s royal wedding.

Spreading like a wildfire through Texas today was the shocking news that Scots Guardsman Cameron Reilly has been dismissed from duty during the Wedding of the Week, er, Century after he ranted on Facebook that the bride-to-be snubbed him.

Man, doesn’t this 18-year-old kid know the facts of life? That life can be more difficult than opening a contrary bottle of wine? Royals, including commoners who marry royals, are not like the rest of us mere mortals. Is this uncivil? Of course. But then so is life without a chili dog. Get over it.

Reilly lashed out at Kate Middleton after she visited with Prince William last month, claiming that she gave him only a brief wave “while she looked the opposite way.”

Reilly called Middleton “stuck up” and asked “am I not good enough for them!”

Somebody should tap him on the forehead to test for termites. C’mon, man. Of course you are not good enough for her.

In monarchies, like locker rooms, all men are not created equal.