Did the royal nuptials also leave you frowning and covering your ears?

I have to confess that I did, after all, watch some of this morning’s royal wedding. Not willingly, mind you.

I would have much preferred watching ESPN to catch post-mortems on last night’s NFL draft while scrambling my eggs and scrambling to get ready for work.

But being the gallant Prince Charming that I always am to my princess wife (good thing Mrs. Zeke doesn’t have her own blog to dispute this), I indulged her whim to watch this reality TV fairy tale.

While everybody at the wedding seemed a bit overdressed, I have to admit that Princess Kate looked radiant in her Grace Kelly-inspired wedding dress. I may have a jaundiced eye but not a blind eye.

And the ceremony seemed to have a bit more class and charm than my cousin’s wedding at the Polish Falcons years ago. Or was it Ingie Pingie’s? No matter.

But what summed it all up to me was seeing Prince William’s goddaughter frowning and covering her ears on the balcony during the newlyweds’ big kiss.