Obama milking his bin Laden moment — again and again and again and again

President Obama certainly is exhibiting a diamond-hard concentration in maximizing his political photo ops tethered to the Osama bin Laden takeout.
The White House is displaying some nimble choreography in orchestrating his busy dance card.
Obama today was at Ground Zero, visiting with families and colleagues of those killed there on 9/11.
At least in the eyes of one pundit, Obama’s visit to the 9/11 site managed to neutralize what has arguably been the most potent piece of Republican iconography of the last decade: Its total political ownership of 9/11, and of Ground Zero itself.
Of course, that’s what presidents do. Play political football even when it involves national tragedies. Move over, George W. Bush.
Earlier during a visit to a Manhattan fire station, Obama said, “When we say we will never forget, we mean what we say.”
He also stopped by a Manhattan police station.
And tomorrow Obama will be at Fort Campbell, Ky., to meet with some of the special operations commandos who helped snuff bin Laden.
Perhaps he will ask the commandos to get their stories straight. Elite troops excel at killing and push-ups, but make for lousy reporters.