Super Glue needed for mergers like Arnold and Maria, Microsoft and Skype, Trump and voters

Now that the pabulum of the royal wedding is behind us and William and Kate are just another boring married couple arguing over whose turn it is to clean the palace bathrooms, mergers and un-mergers suddenly are popping up like weeds in my flower beds.

First of all, in a blow for bipartisanship, Arnold and Maria are uncoupling their merger. Arnie never was a good fit for a Kennedy, except for the roving eye. Another marriage seemingly sacrificed at the altar of celebrity.

As for a merger that likely won’t be blissful, Microsoft overpaid big-time for Skype to the tune of $8.5 billion. Nothing like a little competition from Google, Apple and Facebook to make a flailing competitor do foolish things. They should have sealed this deal at a Las Vegas Elvis wedding chapel because it should have the shelf life of a fruit fly.

And finally, voters evidently are un-merging with Donald Trump, who’s dropping in the polls like a piano out of an 83rd-floor window. Which should do wonders for The Donald’s comb-over. Speaking of Super Glue.